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Zebra Muscels outline

             Topic one: zebra mussel overview.
             can grow to two inches, most under an inch.
             Water conditions needed for survival.
             a. water must be between 68 F and 77 F.
             b. live in shallow water 6-30 feet.
             c. live in waters up to 12 PPM calcium .
             d. can attach to most anything using their byssal threads.
             II. Topic two: life span, reproduction, predators.
             A. Life span.
             a. can live anywhere from two to five years.
             B. Reproduction.
             a. zebra mussels reach sexual maturity at 1 year.
             b. can have up to 1 million offspring a year.
             C. Predators.
             a. no true natural predators, the few animals that eat zebra mussels pose no .
             threat to its existence .
             b. the freshwater drum and diving ducks will eat zebra mussels.
             III. Topic three: filtering water, colonization, impaired reproduction of fish.
             A. Filtering the water causes the water becomes clearer which in turn:.
             a. removes plankton, which fish eat.
             b. kills plants and animals unaccustomed to light.
             B. Colonization.
             a. zebra mussels build colonies on top of native mussels and clams killing .
             them .
             b. the mussels block the siphons that allow food to enter the victim's body.
             D. Impaired reproduction of fish.
             a. mussels build colonies along shorelines where fish breed causing the fish not.
             to be able to breed.
             IV. Topic four: the food chain and estuary effects.
             A. The food chain.
             a. cycle is disrupted because animals depend on the fish and clams for food.
             b. more animals die because of the ones directly effects by the zebra mussels.
             B. Estuary status.
             a. estuaries loose animals do to the food chain being broken.
             b. fisherman loose money, everything is thrown off course.

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