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The Epic of Love

            This story, the one I"m about to tell you, is about the god's and goddesses of the heavens above and let's not forget those below .
             * * * * * * * * *.
             Long, long ago, in a land far away there was a place called Cerulean. Cerulean was a realm of dreams, it was ruled by Queen Arianna. Queen Arianna was a wonderful queen to her people. She kept them full of beautiful dreams; there was never a nightmare during her reign. People would come from all different lands just to have one of her dreams. Queen Arianna thanked the god's everyday for her superb gift. .
             "Momma, tell me again about my papi." Princess Jade said to her mother, Queen Arianna, brushing back a long strand of shiny black hair. .
             "Oh, mi corazon, of course I will tell you about your papi. Your father was the king of all gods. His name is Zeus-Queen Arianna's voice trailed off as she was lost in thought.
             "Tell me what he looks like, momma does he have black hair like me? Are his eyes green like mine? Does he love canapas like me?" Princess Jade asked passionately. .
             "Yes, yes you get your black hair and green eyes from your papi. I don"t remember if he loves canapas but I do know that he loves you." Queen Arianna brushed a tear from her cornflower blue eyes. Queen Arianna loved Zeus with all her heart. But Zeus had to leave Cerulean and Queen Arianna because The Higher Power forbade him to marry a mortal. .
             "Momma! Momma!" Princess Morganna came in and rushed into her mother arms breaking her train of thought. .
             "Tell me about my papi!" Princess Morganna demanded of her mother. .
             Princess Jade and Princess Morganna couldn"t be any different. Princes Jade was a quiet black haired girl with green eyes and skin the color of coffee. Although she was only 9 she was years ahead in her schooling. Princess Morganna was a fiery red head with blue eyes and milky colored skin. At 8 years old she was always in every ones business and always in trouble. Princess Morganna wreaked havoc wherever she went.

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