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Fillipo Brunelleschi

            Florentine architect, engineer and sculptor Fillipo Brunelleschi was born in 1377 as the second of three sons to Ser Brunellesco de Lippi Lopi, who happened to be a respected Florentine notary and his wife Giuliana Spini. .
             Beginning at an early age, Brunelleschi would learn goldsmith and sculpting which would serve as a foundation for, much of his life work. His renowned sculpting and goldsmith skills landed him a position at the Arte della Seta. In addition, Brunelleschi had an interest in mathematics as well as the study of ancient monuments, thus his work would turn more and more in the direction of architecture, three years of his life were spent in Rome studying sculpture and architecture with his friend, Donatello. .
             Brunelleschi's influences were as varied as his work was. He was exposed to the world of art at an early age and furthered his artistic education into his adulthood. No doubt this served as a primary influence for his many great works. In addition, he was friends with both Donatello and Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli, both very gifted individuals themselves. Paolo was a noted astronomer and mathematician who was calculating orbits for planets as early as 1433. Donatello of course was the famed Tuscan sculpture perhaps best known for his statue "David." The competition organized to select an artist for the Florence Baptistary doors served to impact Brunelleschi furthermore. After losing the competition to Lorenzo Ghiberti, Brunellescho decided to apply himself to architecture, which would set the stage for his later achievements. He made several trips in his life to Rome in order to study the classic architecture that would serve to inspire is numerous creations. As if that wasn't enough influence for the man, many of his works were commisioned by the Medici family in the spirit of the times. .
             Over the course of Brunelleschi's 69 years on earth he accomplished enough to make even other Renaissance men meager.

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