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The Crucible

             The movie "The Crucible" portrayed the Puritan lifestyle in many ways. It showed the beliefs of people, and how they easily gave into a lie if it was related to their religion. It's astonishing what people would give into believing back then. It's also amazing what one girl would do to so many people to keep her-self out of trouble.
             The Puritan lifestyle back then was very harsh and rough. They had to go to church every Sunday, and basically had to believe in God no matter what or they would be banished from the town. And to even think about worshiping something other than God would get them either hung or banished. So you can imagine how strict they were on religion. So what the girls did in Salem was above and beyond the breaking the law. If the judge found out what they had been doing they were surely going to be killed. .
             People back then worked very hard to achieve their family name. So when they were accused of being witches, they couldn't confess in fear of destroying their family name. So to people back then their name was more important than their life. A lot different from today.
             Finally the people were so into their religion, if had anything to do with God, the devil, or witches they would believe it. So if a person said they were possessed by the devil the people would do anything to protect the town from the devil and they would help her and make a big deal of it. You can tell that the Puritans really believed in their religion and they weren't going to let anyone or anything destroy their beliefs, or their town. .
             So in summary, the Puritans were very harsh and strict on religion, and to do anything against the religion would get them killed or banished from the town. .

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