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Great Gatsby: Exploitation of Dreamers

            "Gatsby dies alone, and only a handful of people mourn his passage.
             "In a healthy society dreamers are respected and encouraged in the American Twenties, they are exploited, maltreated and discarded.".
             In the 1920's the American Dream became a reality for those who contributed to the corruption of society. In the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald the death of a major character, Gatsby, represents the superficiality of the 1920's culture. During this time people were encouraged to work hard, but their dreams of wealth would never be attained. Those that did make it were still looked down on by the old rich. This time in American history was an era when people were "exploited, maltreated, and discarded," as in Gatsby's case. Achieving the American Dream sometimes became an American Nightmare.
             In the 1920's throwing lavish parties became a way of life. These parties served as a connection between the different classes of the time. Gatsby was one of the people who threw big parties to impress the social elite. No one was personally invited to these parties, but everyone desired to attend. Most of the guests did not even know their host but they attended for the exposure to the wealthy society. These people ridiculed Gatsby without even knowing who he really was. Gatsby's death did not affect the guests emotionally because they felt no connection with him. He tried to please his guests, but in the end everyone abandoned him.
             As a member of the new rich society Gatsby was not only looked down on by his guests, but his business partners as well. Gatsby did not come from a rich family but he was able to attain the wealth many only dream of through the illegal business of bootlegging. Throughout the book we see that Gatsby is popular among the businessmen. He receives many calls and at various times talks about a business he is working on. When he dies, however, his business partners such as Meyer Wolfshiem shun him.

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