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Nietzsche and Atheism

            Atheism is a critical part of Nietzsche's thought: on it he bases his critique of metaphysics, his idea of morals and values, and his views on the history of mankind. The most famous of his statement is that "God is dead". Nietzsche's atheism is actually far more complex, and is easily the most fascinating critique of religion up to date. Nietzsche is very passionate about his stands on religion, he burns with hatred toward Christianity, and his atheistic writings are extremely bitter. Although, his attacks on Christianity and God might be appealing to certain type of people, in my opinion they seriously lack any logical or philosophical base.
             Nietzsche's atheism is somewhat atypical and almost absurd, because he takes the non-existence of God as a given, spending no time in his argument against proofs of God. The possible reality of a god is swiftly and conveniently ignored as a ludicrous notion by Nietzsche, who chosen to analyze his philosophical and psychological stands against religious belief. Since Nietzsche views all belief of God as a given error, he makes a fatal error in terms of logic and philosophy. Using Nietzsche's logic that is, making your own believes and ideas as facts, you can very easily and effortlessly win any argument. This makes it extremely hard to argue against most of what Nietzsche is saying, because there is nothing to argue about, except Nietzsche's own ideas and believes. Thus, why my own believe in God is any less of an argument, then Nietzsche's disbelieve in God?.
             Another problem with Nietzsche's philosophy is that he focuses his attack on universal moral concepts, which in his view incorrectly appear to most contemporary Westerners to be universal and eternal. Fist, he attacks such virtues as forgiveness and pity, and then he physical describes Christian hope as a lunacy. Finally, one of the most influential Western concepts, love, by Nietzsche's statement is used by Christian thought as a tool to influence its subjects.

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