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Millennium Prize for Positive Development

            In "The Matrix" there are few that develop more positively than Neo. In the beginning Neo begins as Thomas Anderson, who is a computer programmer with a pretty "general" life, by night however he is a computer hacker nick-named "Neo" and then his world is turned upside down by a meeting with Morpheus, someone who he has spent two years looking for. His world is turned upside down as he learns that his entire world isn't real. This is where Neo's real character is portrayed, and his adaptability is credible. He adjusts to the idea of the matrix and at the same time his open mindedness makes him start to believe that he may be "the one". Neo also has spirit and it is that, which make him distinctive, when he is in the room with Agent Smith he refuses to help him, when he is sparring with Morpheus not giving up, just attempting to do the jump between the building and especially when he chooses to fight Smith in the subway. However his most important quality is his bravery. Whether it is fighting agents, jumping from helicopters his bravery is amazing. So in Neo there are three qualities which he has developed furthest and they are adaptability, open mind-ness and bravery.
             The first quality which Neo has developed is his adaptability. When Neo first learns the truth while he is in the loading program (the construct) he was confused, and was basically not coping. To begin with Neo couldn't handle the truth. After he got settled with the idea of the matrix he was completely at ease with it. Neo accepted that he couldn't go back into the matrix so he tried to meld into the group; he even began to dress like the rest of the group. At the end he is so much a part of the group that he sets out to save Morpheus when he has known him for only three days, risking his own life for Morpheus. Neo acts like the changes in reality that he goes through are nothing while any other person could break under the strain of knowing that all of their life they have been "living a lie".

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