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Into the 21st Century with Flowers in Our Hair

            Commercials and advertisement make or break the product, depending on many things, such as to whom it is marketed, and who it affects or who it has an influence on. One can simply switch channels whenever there's a commercial break, but there are those ads that simply catch your attention, or are so witty that you do not mind watching them over and over again. Take the latest local Coca-Cola advertisement for example. The star is just a normal-looking guy in his teens. Some may find him cute, but it seems as if he was chosen to star in the commercial because of his plain looks. He is out of his house on what seems an ordinary day. He's wearing comfortable clothes, not really because he's a slacker, but because it isn't any special day to dress up for. He puts his earphones on and suddenly the most popular local bands appear and sing to him as he nonchalantly walks home. When he takes off his earphones, his surroundings are actually quiet, and he drinks a bottle of Coke as the birds chirp away and other sounds of nature are heard. .
             Anyone would wish to be in that guy's shoes, to be surrounded by those stars, unworriedly walking home, listening to good music, and drinking a cold bottle of Coca-Cola on a warm and sunny day. It is like, in that guy's head, all that he's thinking is "This is the life - because he hasn't any urgent thing to think about anyway. Or maybe he wasn't thinking about anything at all, because it was just so normal for him to listen to his music and drink Coke.
             What so draws us to this Coke guy is not just the fact that his world was inscribed in his appearance. It was the reality of his surroundings, the walk on the street, the simple house, the carefree feeling on days when you have nothing better to do.
             It is hard to ignore the moment when he drinks from the bottle of Coke, probably because it was emphasized by the glug-glug and the sudden silence. But you cannot separate him from his softdrink, because in the end, it's what actually completes the whole "This is the life- theme.

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