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Multiculturalism in Australia

            The influence and impact of multiculturalism can be seen everywhere in modern Australian society. The concept of multiculturalism first came about after World War 2 when a flood of Jewish and displaced people came to Australia to begin a new life, but it was not official made a policy until 1973. Today we have a large variety of food to eat and sports to play. With the idea of multiculturalism came disagreement and racists, a prime example being Pauline Hanson and the one nation party. The change from assimilation to multiculturalism is described as a change from a "melting pot" to a "salad bowl.".
             The multiculturalism policy was only introduced in 1973, but its beginnings can be traced back to World War 2. Jewish people fleeing religious persecution of nazi Germany. White Russians fled to the Land of Oz escaping their communist mother country. Last but not least displaced people at the end of World War 2 came down under to start afresh. The slogan of the government at the time, "Populate or Perish" helped them secure jobs, but still faced social problems, racism being the main. The multiculturalism policy was not officially introduced until the white Australia policy was abolished in 1973 by the Whitlam Labor government. The Whitlam government was the first to see multiculturalism as an opportunity rather than a burden. This government provided humanitarian aid to Vietnamese and Cambodian people; post Vietnam war, by providing political asylum and new lives for displaced persons. Many Chinese people fled to Australia during this time escaping communist china. We were beginning to feel the good sides of multiculturalism; new foods, sports and lifestyles to name a few. Today we are extremely multicultural and are reaping the benefits. The most obvious is food. In Australia we have a large variety of food, good quality and still have more than enough for everyone. We have American fast food restaurants.

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