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            The Merchant of Venice is an appealing and thought-provoking play written by Shakespeare in the seventeenth century. The play introduces a greedy and mercenary man, Shylock, whose actions lead to severe consequences for him; many would say he deserved everything that happened to him.
             The play tells the story of a man called Antonio who borrows money from the main, and cold-hearted character, Shylock. Shylock is a Jew and is disliked, partly because of his religion, but also largely because of his greed and poor personality. Jessica, Shylock's daughter, betrays him when she leaves home, gets married and changes religion to Christianity, the very ones who persecuted him for being a Jew. Antonio is unable to repay his loan and Shylock brings him before the court. Adversely for Shylock, the tables turn on him, the law stated that he was to get nothing, and was forced to become a Christian. .
             Throughout the play the actions and words of Shylock lead us to greatly dislike the character and think he should be punished. "If I catch him once upon the hip, I will feed fat the ancient grudge I bear him." This quote shows Shylock's tenacity and determination to get back at Antonio. I find this an effective quote as it clearly shows the dislike Shylock has for Antonio. It shows Shylock to be a very crude person as he is willing to take any chance he gets to punish Antonio to the fullest extent that he can.
             "I hate him for he is a Christian". This short but clear statement by Shylock makes him out to be contemptible, spiteful and impertinent. I find this quote particularly useful as it shows Shylock to be very prejudice, most likely due to the unfair treatment Shylock as a Jew, receives from Christians.
             It is obvious by reading the play that no one particularly likes Shylock, not even his daughter, Jessica, who says, "Our house is hell, and thou a merry devil," when she is moving out. This shows how Jessica does not enjoy living with her father.

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