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A City Upon A Hill

             In 1629 a group of Puritans, who were being prosecuted in England, came to form a colony called Massachusetts Bay Colony. Their first governor, John Winthrop, led the colony. He and the colonists believed that they were there because of a calling from God. John Winthrop looked at Massachusetts Bay Colony as a city that would be a role model for all the other colonies. Americans today think we are role models for all other countries.
             John Winthrop said Massachusetts Bay Colony was "a city upon a hill." He meant since their colony was the chosen "one" they were superior to all other colonies, and therefore a role model to them. John Winthrop wanted all the other colonies to act just like Massachusetts Bay Colony and believe in their beliefs. They thought they were there to teach the rest of the people how to act. Some things in the world never change.
             John Winthrop also said that their colony was "a beacon to mankind." Most people probably resented the Massechuesstts Bay Colony, because they tried to act better than everyone else. Many colonies back in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were just fighting for survival. They did have time to care about how well they acted. The Massachusetts Bay Colony was very well educated, thanks to their strict religion. They had school to teach children and adults how to read the Bible. .
             America still to this day thinks they are the "city upon a hill." Right now President Bush is trying to make Iraq into a mini America. In many other countries, America has its fast food chains and clothing stores. We think we are superior to the rest of the world. America needs to stop acting like this, because we are going to make big enemies and pay for it. .
             America, like Massachusetts Bay Colony, thinks we are the country chosen to be role models for the rest of the world. Thinking you are the role models, though, have its ups and downs. Massachusetts Bay Colony, like America, was the most well educated colony.

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