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             Descartes said " I realized that once in my life I had to raze everything to the ground and begin again from the original foundations, if I wanted to establish anything firm and lasting in the sciences." Descartes described this meaning, if he wanted to know the truth about anything and have a firm foundation in his beliefs, he would have to start from the ground up and examine every detail. Doing this, would he then only be able to believe something to be true. The purpose of his examining methodology was to be able to have a solid foundation and to understand what he sees before him.
             Descartes had steps to his philosophy in which he used from day-to-day. The first step was, never to accept anything as true if he did not have evident knowledge of its truth; that is, carefully to avoid swift conclusions and fixed ideas. The second step was to divide each of the difficulties he examined into as many parts as possible and as it might be required in order to resolve them better. The third step he described was to direct his own thoughts in an orderly manner, by beginning with the simplest known objects in order to ascend little by little then to the most complex knowledge, and by thought give some order to the objects that do not have a natural order of priority. Finally, the last step, he would make sure that everything he used and or said was systematically correct. .
             In conclusion, the turning point when skepticism is finally overcome would be when a person would try to examine God for instance. God or religion is something that one could examine repeatedly never knowing the truth. Skepticism would be overcome when one finally realizes that God or religion is something that is always going to be there, but one will never now an exact answer. Acknowledging that one could never have a firm foundation of truth about a subject is when every is laid aside just letting everything be as it may.

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