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Life Builds Itself

            People's character is constantly affected or changed due to personal or interpersonal experiences. The change will depend on the kind of experience, for example: a negative experience will most likely bring a negative change in character or life change; on the other hand, a positive experience will be most likely to bring a positive change in character or life. Experiences can vary; it can be from a death of someone loved to the graduation of someone from High School or College, etc. The outcome of the experience might last a lifetime or only for a short period of time. No one exempts these kinds of situations; including me, and my life or character has been changed to various experiences. The next paragraphs cite experiences in my life that have changed me.
             In the year of 1997 my family used to live in Guatemala City, Guatemala CA, my 9th birthday had just passed. They enrolled me on Tae-Kwon-Do classes; the only problem was that the Tae-Kwon-Do school was located on a dangerous part of the city. One afternoon after my regular class my mom went pick me up; then, we rode a bus that would take us home but we did not know it was going to change my life. When we went up into the bus there were two thieves trying to rob a college student, they did not let us get off the bus. My mom got me into a seat and tried to protect me from them, they told her to freeze and one of them put the barrel of the gun on my mom's head, she didn't feel the cannon, she was too worried about me. About 1 mile from the bus stop they left the bus and let every one go alive, it might have been a short distance but it seemed like it was eternal. Since that time none of us almost never again rode a bus in Guatemala, now public transportation feels insecure to me. This has been a major experience in my life no one would like to live. .
             It was a sunny Saturday in the airport at Guatemala City, Guatemala; on January the first of 2002; this was the day came to live to the US.

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