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Discovery of a Father

             In the beginning of the story "Discovery of a Father" Sherwood did not have a good relationship with his father. Most Asian families children do not have a good relationship with their fathers. Asian children are usually closer to the mother.
             When I was younger my father would always take me out to the park. My father used to buy me candy and Happy Meals. If I want a toy I would ask my father and he would always buy it for me. My father never said "no" to me when I ask him for something. I was always my father's favorite out of my brother and sister. When I was younger my father would always go on vacation with the family. We would always go on vacation for Christmas break for a week and the summer we usually go on vacation for two to three weeks. As I became older, my father stop going on vacation with us. .
             My relationship with my father now is somewhat similar to the one Sherwood had with his father in the beginning of the story. The older I become the less I talk to my father. The only time I talk to my father is when I tell him my mother wants to speak to him or tell him it is time for dinner. Other then that I do not talk to my father for many reasons. My father thinks the old fashion Chinese culture way. I think more of the Western culture way. My father always speaks in a loud tone of voice, so it makes him sound like he is always screaming. My father is very ignorant and always thinks he is right about everything. My mother is always saying to me " your father is getting old you should talk to your father more, you are his favorite". .
             Sherwood's father would go to work and be gone for weeks at a time. My father owns a construction company so many times he is also gone for weeks at a time. At one time I thought my father was cheating on my mother because he was always gone and never at home. When he does come home it would be after 9 P.

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