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To: Boo Radley

             If I had the opportunity to confer with Mr. Arthur Radley, also known as Boo, and give him advice on ways to better himself, I would have much to say to him. By this I am certainly not trying to imply that Arthur is not a good person, but instead, I am offering to aid him in finding specific things about himself that he could alter in order to make his overall lifestyle better, and his general mood more content. The following text is written as if I were directly addressing Mr. Radley.
             First and foremost, I believe that you are, overall, a wonderful human being. You are a kind, caring, gentle, and very generous person, but I also believe that there are aspects of yourself that you have the capability of changing and would be much better off doing so. .
             The most important thing to work on, in my opinion, is the extreme lack of interaction you have with others. This absence of communication may possibly be the result of mistakes you made during your childhood. I think you still have not forgiven yourself for disappointing your parents as you did in the past, and therefore, are still ashamed of it, and feel it is necessary to continue punishing yourself for your acts. I understand you might have disappointed your parents, but look at it this way - what kid has not dissatisfied their parents at one point or another? In order to improve your interaction with others, you need to learn to forgive yourself first. What happened in your past cannot be changed, but it is over. You are human and humans make mistakes - it is inevitable. But we learn from them, and from your own personal mistake you are capable of learning to improve your socialization skills. If you start off with "baby steps," for example, having a cup of coffee with someone for just a few minutes one day, then before you know it, you will be making a copious amount of friends in no time.
             Just by doing these things I have suggested, I can guarantee you will be much happier and you will have a bigger effect on the society surrounding you.

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