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Intro to Criminal Justice

            Do you believe in equal justice under the law in the United States? Why or why not?.
             Equal justice is a great idea and should be a continuous goal strived for; Does it exist anywhere, or is absolute fairness a fallacy? The United States allows the people a voice which conflicts with many other countries, achieving a high closeness to equality. However, fair or equal treatment within the criminal justice system could only exist without the human factor. Influence whether due to political reasons or society erases complete balance. Whereas people in governmental power are no doubt educated they are not without bias, carried from life, personal and professional experiences. Diversity of culture can bring to the table many views from sympathy to prejudice. Money plays a huge factor in being treated with fairness; you can be guilty of heinous crimes and buy your way out of the system, getting away without punishment. On the other side of the coin, lack of money can put anyone who is innocent in a cell stripped of rights and freedoms", leaving behind only the presumption of guilty instead of innocence. According to Lois G. Forer, our justice system, "is divided into two separate and unequal systems of justice: one for the rich, in which the courts take limitless time to examine, ponder, consider, and deliberate over hundreds of thousands of bits of evidence and days of testimony, and hear elaborate, endless appeals and write countless learned opinion" and one for the non-rich, in which the courts provide "turnstile justice."(New York: Norton, 1984) A picture of a perfect criminal can be painted without a background, or better put without any grounds due to color age or environment. Interest groups will sometimes help individuals gain access to resources, of course the selected few cases are helped with the motive of advancing their goals. .
             Forer, L. (1984). Money and Justice (New York: Norton) Ambrosius, M.

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