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"While One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest is a harsh criticism

            We cannot condone McMurphy's actions, yet at the same time we cannot prosecute him. In the battle for power, there are no definite side. It cannot be said to be for the greater good as there will always be selfish reasons for personal gain involved. There is bias present in every narrated story. Neither the Big Nurse, nor the Combine can be definitely said to be the villain of the story. We cannot deny that conformity is beneficial as it is within society's nature to require conformity. .
             The book "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" follows the narration of Chief Bromden. As the reader's, we are onlookers to the events that happen in the book. Therefore we are subject to the bias of the narration. The point of view is limited and cannot be relied upon. The Chief hate Nurse Ratched, because of this, her actions would be interpreted by him to adjust to his impression of her. McMurphy is advantaged in receiving our support as the Chief supports him. The setting is a mental institution. The patients must be there for a reason. Many suffer from paranoia, their views are not reliable. The Chief is a sufferer of paranoia. He believed that the world was against him. This can be shown through the violent reaction he had when all the black boys wanted to do was shave him. He defends himself from the rest of the world by using the fog machine. This means his perceptions are not clear. So he may be exaggerating in the case of the Nurse's extreme personality. .
             It is impossible to decide who is definitely right, as this is a battle for power. Though McMurphy may seem as if his intentions are freeing the patients" spirits and destroying the establishment Nurse Ratched has in the asylum. Yet, one cannot overlook the fact that he also desires power. McMurphy is a character that would not comply with conformity. He cannot be considered to be an upright, righteous man either. It is himself that he was lying a trap for as his phony "loony" act for a bit of luxury in the asylum backfired.

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