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Aids and HIV

             There is no knowing where HIV came from. But scientist are sure that the virus existed in the United States since at least the mid- to late 1970's. Based on worldwide estimates from the United Nations approximately 65 million people have been infected with HIV. HIV is a virus that affects the immune system later on developing into AIDS.
             HIV is also known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This is a retrovirus that kills the cells in your immune system. Causing your body to try and fight the infection by making special molecules called antibodies. Antibody is a Y-shaped protein on the surface of B-cells that is secreted into the blood or lymph in response to an antigenic stimulus, such as bacterium or viruses. HIV has several symptoms which are known to be the first flu-like symptoms. These symptoms are fever, headache, sore muscles and joints, stomach ache, swollen lymph glands, or a skin rash for one or two weeks. After these symptoms are gone a person can stay healthy for at least 10 years or longer. But during this time, HIV is damaging their immune system. Once the immune system is damaged and weakened to the point where you get certain types of life threatening diseases, infections, and cancers you have what is called AIDS. .
             AIDS stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. This virus is a severe immunological disorder caused by the retrovirus HIV resulting in a defect in cell-mediated immune response that is manifested by increased susceptibility. Aids can be detected if you have less than 200 CD4+ cells or if your CD4+ percentage is less than 14%. Some symptoms of the AID virus include swollen lymph glands, fever, weight loss, diarrhea and arthritis. Unlike HIV aids is different in every infected person. Some people die soon after getting infected, while others live fairly normal lives for many years, even after they officially have AIDS. Like HIV aids has no cure. There are only special treatments and medicines that delay the onset of symptoms.

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