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Comparison of Puritan lifestyle and Scarlet Letter

            The Puritan lifestyle was constructed to include strict guidelines to living a holy life that is pleasing to God. In The Scarlet Letter and the history readings, it is evident that the Puritan lifestyle was reaching towards the goal of perfection. The views of The Scarlet Letter and the history readings agree on the Puritan way of life. There are many examples about the Puritan lifestyles that reflect this statement. They agree on issues involving government and politics, crime and punishment, and religion.
             The government during the time of the Puritans was closely related to the religion. Church and State were never separated, but had many similarities and were involved with each other. If there was a decision to make, the Governor was not the sole person making the decisions. The reverends were closely involved in the judgment of crimes: "There was a murmur among the dignified and reverend occupants of the balcony; and Governor Bellingham gave expression to its purport, speaking in an authoritative voice, although tempered with respect towards the youthful clergyman whom he addressed. Good Master Dimmesdale, said he, the responsibility of this woman's soul lies greatly with you. It behooves you, therefore to exhort her to repentance, and to confession, as a proof and consequence thereof.- (62) The Governor is replacing his authority over the life of Hester with the reverend Dimmesdale. Church and State are making the decision together. Another example of this is found in the history readings: "At the time of the Revolution all the colonies, including Rhode Island, imposed restrictions and disabilities upon some sects, thus practicing at best only a limited form of toleration, not freedom of religion "much less separation of Church and State."" This excerpt is saying that the government made laws based on their religion instead of basing their laws on what is fair and just for all people.

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