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Mythos vs Logos

            Understanding how mythos and logos are involved in ones life takes an understanding of the difference between the two. The ancient Greeks contrasted mythos as a story that is not necessarily true. On the other hand, logos mean a true account, something that can be tested and measured. Logos also has to deal with the senses and the problem with this concept is that some think that the senses are unreliable. Lastly, myths narrate a sacred story that tells events that took place in "primordial time", the time of the beginnings. With a little back round knowledge of the two know we should be able to understand how they effect our life's. .
             Mythos plays a part in everyone's life. No matter what everyone believes at one point in our lives we were all associated with myths. For example at a young age all of us were told of "Santa Claus", the "Easter Bunny" and "the "Tooth Fairy" all essential myths that played a part in our upbringings. Coming from a fairly religious family the myth of creationism and evolution has been a touchy subject. My parents and grandparents both believe in creationism and so did I for most of my life. As I grew older I decided to look at the subject in depth. With research I have strayed away from my parents mythos approach to how we came to exist on this planet to a more logos or scientific reasoning approach of where we came from. The logos approach to this subject just seems to be more understandable and believable. .
             Mythos and logos are two completely different concepts. For me disclaiming one of them would be irrational. Mythos is what the United States is based on. With Johnny Appleseed and the story of Paul Bunyon are classic American myths, which our society is based. Logos on the other hand are the hard science; it can be measured and backed with proof. I believe that both are equally important because without myths or tales what would we have to look forward to when where children and then again teaching those same myths to our kids.

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