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             Taylor had become a very successful lawyer in a remarkably short time. He had always been incredibly bright. Now recently married, he worked very long hours providing a more than adequate income for his newfound household. His hard work had not gone unnoticed either, the law firm envisioned great things from him at a very early age. However, long hours and late nights had taken their toll.
             Today was different. Taylor had left work early to go spend time wife his lovely young wife. He thought he knew her perfectly; they had become so close fast when they first met. Over the past few months he could see that something was troubling her. He thought it was the change that she had made from businesswoman to housewife. The plan Taylor had concocted was a surprise visit followed by a romantic dinner later the night. This would definitely perk her up and dispel the dreariness that seemed to hang over her like a cloud as of late. As Taylor's Mercedes turned the corner onto his normally desolate street, a red SUV passed by. He smiled, and thought that it would be nice to finally have some neighbors.
             The lights had been dimmed and soft music was playing when Taylor came through the front door. His wife entered came into the living room quickly; she looked startled when her eyes met her husband's. .
             "What are you doing home so early," she stammered, leaning into the embrace of her spouse.
             "I thought I"d take the afternoon off we could go out to dinner tonight. I made reservations at that new Tai place on Wentworth.".
             "Oh," she said sighing, "that sounds wonderful. You are so sweet." Her eyes were shifty; Taylor thought that maybe she wasn't in the mood for Tai.
             Taylor made his way to the bedroom so he bedroom to find a disheveled bed. Thinking nothing of it, he changed out of his suit into some comfortable kaki shorts and a polo shirt. Taylor then walked into the kitchen and sat down. The shades on the windows had been drawn, making the room dark.

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