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Legalization of Marijuana

             The article I used for my review is about the legalization of the marijuana plant for medicinal purposes. The author about the three articles is Dennis M. Yates. The author's purpose is to explain how marijuana can help certain patients with aids or cancer find relaxation and ease of pain with the use of marijuana. The author approaches the subject as that of a researcher. I believe that the author is trying to discipline everyone as a whole trying to show them the pros and cons of the illegal drug. I believe the legalization of marijuana would become good for people who suffer from severe illnesses; because if they are going through a lot of pain so I think the legalization of marijuana will help certain people. I have taken that position based on some of the so-called "proven" studies Mr. Yates describes.
             Yates explains many issues dealing with marijuana. First he explains how the uses can be helpful to some then he goes and talks about how some people support and oppose the policies of legalization and finally he describes the harsh penalties of people who have marijuana right now when it's considered illegal.
             One of the strong arguments about legalization Yates uses is the whole belief of how the drug can help patients alleviate pain, stating that is can help people who are epileptic by controlling seizures and nerve disorders. The other fact is that a study done has shown the when THC and the herpes virus were mixed in a test tube the THC did in fact kill the virus. Then the article displays another equally strong argument on how some doctors would in-fact prescribes marijuana if it was indeed legal. Yates proves the theories on how the drug helps people with a man named Robert Randall who is from Washington. Randall states that the marijuana keeps his glaucoma, a degenerative eye disease that is the leading cause of blindness, at bay, something conventional medications failed to do.

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