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The Pardoner's Tale

            " The love of money is the root of all evil", that is one of the truest statements that describes humanity in our recent time. This quote tells the truth about many of Americans homes and lives today. The quote above summarizes the whole plot of " The Pardoner's Tale".
             In the story " The Pardoner's Tale" it really shows how money is the root of all-evil. In the tale the three men swore that they would stick together "to live and die for one another" as if born brothers. When they went out to search for death they come upon a poor old man within the first half a mile of their journey. The old man told the three men about the gold up ahead under an oak tree. Once they arrived at the tree they lost their breath because of the large amount of gold just sitting there. The men then realized that they very well couldn't carry the gold away during the day because somebody might see them and think that they had just robbed somebody. So they came up with a plan to wait until after dark to take it home. Their plan was for all three of them to hide in different spots at different angles and watch the gold. The one who was furthest out would go to the village and fetch some bread and wine, thus being the younger one. Once the younger man left for the village the other two started discussing the murder of the younger one upon his return from the village. Thus letting the other two men being able to split the money 50/50. So they decided to kill him when he got back. Little did they know that that the young man was making a plan of his own. He was planning to poison the other two guys and keep all of the money for himself. The young guy bought some poison and put it in the others drinks and headed back. .
             It is at this point that you can see how bad greed can be. These three men who started off on their journey with an oath to stay together, and die for one another if needed. Greed changed them so much that they have went and killed each other over more money than they were already getting.

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