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The Great Gatsby- Cultural Criticism

             In the twenties many new things and different things were occurring and being invented at the same time. Alcohol was being prohibited, Cars were being mass-produced and high and low costs and Sports were expanding across the country.
             In the twenties the government banned the production and consumption of alcohol in an attempt to sober up America. Alcohol is a main subject in the book because prohibition was going on then and people still wanted to drink. In the Great Gatsby Tom always was drinking and wanting alcohol such as when he said, "I"ll get some whisky" (126). In the book Nick begins to drink more and more as he is around Gatsby and Tom as when he says, "I have been drunk twice in my life and the 2nd time this afternoon" (33). I believe that Fitzgerald may him self have been in this type of drinking group due to the numerous times he mentions alcohol in the book. The temperance movement caused an obsession in the illegal production of alcohol to keep America from running dry. Due to this the crime rate and street violence increased. The book and the actual twenties information actually fits together to form a good relationship and a great comparison.
             In the twenties the Industry area was increasing greatly and cars began to be built on assembly lines instead of by hand. Cars were increasingly popular with people, especially Rolls Royce as Gatsby's Rolls Royce "his Rolls Royce became an omnibus"(43). Rolls Royce's in the twenties were considered luxury cars. Gatsby loved to drive his car and he showed it every time when he says, "shall we all go in my car"(127). I believe Fitzgerald may have an interest in cars since he specifically described certain cars. By 1930 every 1.3 households owned a car, which explains why so many cars are present in the book. Gatsby's specific car was a high-end car which cost around $17000-$18000 back then and in today's money value would be valued at $180,000.

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