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Romeo And Juliet

            "Romeo and Juliet, although usually pictured compassionately as unfortunate "star-cross"d lovers", are actually two very selfish individuals, willing to sacrifice others for their desires, and are therefore, more to be censured, than pitied." This quote is true in every possible way. Romeo and Juliet barely met whenever they tell each other that they are in love. They also risk other people's lives and jobs to help them see one another. Romeo and Juliet are so selfish that they can not even live, when the other when has thought to be dead, or has died.
             Whenever Romeo and Juliet met at the party not even 12 hours earlier they confess their love to each other and that they will marry the next day. An example of this happening would be whenever Romeo asks Juliet to promise to marry him "The exchange of thy love's faithful vow for mine." (ACT II, scene ii, line 126) Juliet also being so in love with this stranger agrees by telling Romeo that she already would, " I gave .
             thee mine before thou didst request it; And yet I would it were to give again." (ACT II, scene ii, lines 128-129) These two people have no clue what they are doing. They are two complete strangers who happen to be attracted to each other. These two, Romeo and Juliet, are in puppy love.
             Romeo and Juliet risk their friends or acquaintances jobs and lives to help them see each other and to marry. The two "love birds" think that it is alright to involve other people in their affair, with such great consequences . This is unfair considering that they have no real choice in the matter after they know about their supposed love. They risk lots of them from Juliet's nurse to Friar Laurence. Whenever the Friar realizes that he may well be killed after helping Romeo and Juliet he takes off from the tomb after talking to Juliet he replied " come, go , good Juliet, I dare no longer stay." (Act V, scene iii, line 159). This shows that they are very selfish and should not be pitied but punished.

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