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The Exclusionary Rule

            The basis for our past and present governments existed because of the Constitution of the United States of America. Within the constitution there exists Amendments, of which, the first ten being called the Bill of Rights, also known as our freedoms. The Fourth Amendment, the right to be secure from illegal search and seizures, exists so that no police officer or equivalent may invade an individual's personal belongings illegally. In 1914 the exclusionary rule was enacted by the U.S. Supreme Court. Little did the Supreme Court under Chief Justice Warren know but, they would open a worm hole for subjects to escape. The exclusionary rule as it is today needs to be gotten rid of, due to the fact that it does more harm than good.
             The Exclusionary Rule was enacted because of the "landmark case of Weeks V. United States, it introduced the exclusionary rule as a remedy for violations of the Fourth Amendment (Hendrie n. pag.)."" The exclusionary rule is defined as "the rule that evidence secured by illegal means and in bad faith cannot be introduced in a criminal trial. The technical term is that it is "excluded" upon a motion to suppress made by the lawyer for the accused. It is based on the constitutional requirement that " no [person] can be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law" (Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, applied to the states by the 14th Amendment) (Cooke n. pag.)."" However there are three exceptions to the Exclusionary rule. The first exception is the Independent Source Doctrine, which was added as a result of Segura and Colon V. US. is briefly described as evidence being seized in two different physical ways. The evidence is seized first in an illegal way and then after obtaining a search warrant the evidence is seized again legally. The second exception is the Inevitable Discovery Doctrine, which was added as a result of Nix V. Williams wherein that evidence is seized in two different ways, but only one being physical.

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