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Scuba Diving is an Excellent

            Through out a person's life they will have a lot of experiences which will help shape their future, some of these they will remember and some they will not. One of my most memorable experiences began in St. Thomas, which is a Caribbean island. It is one of prettiest places I have ever been. One day I was sitting on the beach enjoying the refreshing scent from the ocean, when I saw a man scuba diving. I turned to my dad and said "I want to do that", he replied with a rough voice "You do not have the time or money to learn". His comment to me just made me more determined to learn, so I went out and did some research on scuba diving. After doing some research I realized that there were several steps to take before I could scuba dive.
             The first thing that I had to do was find a dive shop that gave the scuba diving certification classes. I went to three different dive shops and finally the last one did the certification test. The man, whose name was Greg, at the counter told me that it was a two part course, now I am excited but then it hit me like a ton of bricks, how much is it going to cost me. So I asked Greg and he replied "Don't worry about the price because I will make sure you can afford it." He handed me the registration form to fill out so I filled it out. Now I was registered for the class which was a two part class and each part was three days long. In the classes I learned the basics about diving such as, the importance of going down and coming up slowly, controlling your breathing, and unique diving techniques. To me the classes seemed easy, maybe because I was so interested in learning. After completing the classes I thought I would be certified, however I was not certified yet. There was another part to the class I did not now about and had to complete to become certified.
             I was a little depressed but I was still determined to become a diver. The next step I had to complete was the first dive, which I would be accompanied by the instructor.

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