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Louisiana Wildlife Refuges

             1 .
             There are 19 Wildlife Refuges located in Louisiana. They serve as safe havens for.
             wildlife such as waterfowl, deer, black bear, and turkeys. The Atchafalaya National.
             Wildlife Refuge has around 15, 610 acres and is located near Slidell, Louisiana. The.
             endangered species it harbors are the Bald Eagles and The Louisiana Black Bear, and the.
             Atchafalaya has some of the least disturbed bottomland hard woods in the entire.
             Mississippi River Valley. (www.audubon.org/campaign/refuge/refuges/louisiana.html).
             Bayou Cocodrie National Wildlife Refuge and Bayou Savage National Wildlife .
             Refuges were both established in July of 1986, and both are located entirely within the.
             corporate limits of New Orleans in Orleans Parish. These two Refuges were established.
             for wintering waterfowl, and to protect the hardwoods within it's boundary, which is.
             nearly untouched. (www.audubon.org/campaign/refuge/refuges/louisiana.html). .
             The Big Branch Marsh and Bogue Chitto Wildlife Refuges are both located in.
             South Louisiana in Washington and St. Tammany Parishes, Louisiana. Big Branch Marsh.
             has 3,660 acres of coastal marsh and forested wetlands, and Bogue Chitto has over 40,000.
             acres of wetlands and waterways.
             Established in 1904, Breton National Wildlife Refuge is the second oldest refuge in.
             the National Wildlife Refuge System. It includes Breton Island and all Chandeleur Islands.
             in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana. .
             The Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge is located in Cameron Parish,.
             Louisiana. Cameron Prairie is divided into 2 units, which are Gibbstown and East Cove. .
             Gibbs Town is easily accessible by vehicle or boat, but East cove is only accessible by boat.
             via Calcasieu Lake. (www.audobon.org/campaign/refuge/refuges/louisiana.

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