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Spring Moon

             It could only be described as a classic and breathtaking story, with vibrant narration and thorough research. This is the truth about Spring Moon, a classic novel written by Bette Bao Lord. The novel was published in 1990 by Harper Paperbacks and describes the life story of a vivacious young Chinese girl and the struggles that she faces throughout her life. The author of this book could only be commended for her excellent narration in this spellbinding depiction of the battle between traditional Chinese culture and modern American culture. An interesting factor in this book that makes it even more worthwhile to read is the small stories or quotations given at the start of every chapter that relate to the events that follow it.
             To give you the general idea of the story, the novel starts out with the childhood of a rich Chinese girl. The opening chapters give you a basic understanding of Chinese culture and the family members of this girl named Spring Moon. The story continues to describe the tragedies that occur in the Chang household and how Spring Moon overcomes this and later on gets married. After the first stage of her childhood is complete, the second stage of her married life continues. In this section, we learn about the traditional requirements of a new bride and the duties she must perform, something we wouldn't usually see in modern day brides. The third section talks about her life as a mother/widow and the in just prejudices of the Chinese society that she must face during times of economic crisis. Throughout this novel, we see what battles a Chinese girl must face in her society and her thoughts and feelings about it.
             The plot of the novel is one to be applauded. It is breathtakingly exciting with concrete evidence and suspenseful action. This suspense can be seen well during the part when Spring Moon finds out that her husband might be missing in action during the war but due to Chinese customs, the first word of his death can only be know by her mother-in-law.

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