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Court of Appeal

            Court Of Appeal And Reforms To Appeal Process Under Justice Act 1999.
             What are the reforms to the appeals process as recommended in access to justice act 1999?.
             The basic aim of the legal English system is to provide justice to all citizens, and to ensure equal rights are given to each such body or party to express themselves in the court of justice. Fairness', can said to be the major most meaning of justice, and is majorly emphasized in the system. To ensure justice the system has developed "Court Structures-. Part of the court structures is the "appeal- structure. For example if one is not satisfied with The family division court' judgment, can appeal in The family divisional court'. If the defendant still feels insecure about the courts decision can appeal in the Court of Appeal', an exception to this would be to miss out court of appeal and go straight to the house of lords, also known as "leapfrog". .
             Appeals from decisions made by judges in High courts civil division are entertained in the Court of Appeal (civil). Court of appeal was established by Judicature Act (JdA) 1873, and along with high court of justice were the supreme court of judicature. However, it was changed in JdA 1876 after a change in the government, House of Lords was reinstated as the final court of appeal by the appellate jurisdiction Act 1876.
             The court of appeal is served by senior judges, currently 35. The most senior judge is the Master of the Rolls. Usually, three judges will sit to hear an appeal although for very important cases five may sit, some matters can also be heard by two judges. The court hears appeals from the three division of high court. There maybe four or five divisions of courts sitting on any given day. The court has heavy work load, dealing with 1,000 cases a year, which about 50 go to house of lords. It can be said in normal routine, that court of appeal is the final court for appeal.

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