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Comics: Great Source to Enhance Reading

             As this new era of technology and high-end future develops more thoroughly, teens in general forget of one essential - reading. It is a compromising truth that only grows by the minute where a poor imaginative mind and loosen dialect is not present without it. By reading teens should consider many opportunities and benefits, although technology is our main in this day and age, but it quite doesn't provide some good things a good book can give. That is a startling aspect that haunts this modern life, it is the "something" that no one thinks is necessary, that just sits by the wait-line of other things that also are important. But there is hope in the blackest of nights, a welcomed hope - comic books.
             Compelling covers, dynamic layouts, rapid-fire pacing, cool character design, character personality, exciting cliffhanger and a snappy dialogue are the characteristics of a comic book. These are practically what comics are and what more than 3. Million of teens read around the world. Comics in general are living phenomena that keeps on growing every single day. Since its beginning comic writers" purpose is to deliver a good story alongside some neat drawings that the reader enjoys and in some way identifies with. But the greatness is not in that, but rather in the way comic book stories are written, how compelling and how full of life itself each one is. When a teen reads a comic book he is learning more than he thinks he is since every story has a world of its own, has its larger than life characters that in a way he could identify with and most importantly the vocabulary he learns from the comic book. Many writers in the comic book business have a secret that gives A+ to each story, a secret they melded in their writing hobby - their own life style.
             Writers in this "biz" like: Frank Miller, Stan Lee, Will Eisner, Jeph Loeb and Brian Michael Bendis between others incorporate their own life style to each story they write.

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