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Family and Society

             Robert Winch- a set of persons related to each other by blood, marrige, or adoption. Family constitutes a social system who's structure is specified by familial position and whos basic sociatal function is replacement.
             US Census- a family is a group of two or more persons related by blood, marrige, or adoption who reside together.
             Famil systems- various types.
             1. Nuclear family- consists of a husband, wife, and offspring (natural or adopted). The nuclear family tends to live in a single home separate from other family members. It is the most common family form in the US.
             2. Composite family- families that are formed by plural marrige. The most common is poligamus, like one male and several wives. Monogomy is not the most popular form in america. .
             3. Extended family- two types of extended family. Large kin or kinship groups living together.
             a. Consanguine- it emphasizes on blood ties.
             b. Conjugal- emphasis on husband and wife relationship. (in-laws).
             US Census Facts: The overwhelming majority of households are made up of married couples. Females make less money than men. Women are more likely to be empovirished. For black females it is like 70%. .
             The functionalist analyze family in terms of the function or sociatal needs that it serves.
             1. Sexual regulation.
             2. Reproduction.
             3. Sociolization.
             4. Emotional support.
             5. Economic cooperation.
             The conflict theorists see the family as a unit in which tensions are constantly being played out. They argue that marrige becomes an arena were one party tries to control the other. .
             Randall Collins- conflict theorist, believed that the origin of the struggle for power withing the family can be found in the fact "men are bigger and stronger than women." Men claim sexual rights over women who thus become their sexual property. Marrige is a contract that enforces this relationship. He says that rational people will cheat. Is it rational to pick up some body elses goal? .
             How are societies maintained?.

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