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Sexual Behavior and Morality

             Today, we find many studies concerning the embryological, genetic and biological aspects of the reproductive apparatus, such as the spermatozoa and ova, fertilization, development and birth, as well as the anatomy of the genital tracts in both sexes. Sexual behavior is not only of basic biological importance, but also of central social importance. Not only does it perpetuate the human species, but also it is the central behavior around which families are formed and defined, a vital aspect of the psychological well being of individuals, and a component of a variety of social problems. Among current concerns to sexual behavior are the familial problems of marital harmony and divorce; criminal problems of rape, incest, child molestation, and prostitution; reproductive problems of infertility, sterility, unwanted and mistimed pregnancies, and abortion; and health problems related to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Most HIV infections have resulted from sexual behavior and heterosexual intercourse is increasingly becoming a mode of transmission. Because of both the importance of sexual behavior in general and the health crisis of AIDS in particular, we need to arm ourselves with a thorough, scientifically reliable understanding of sex. Sexual behavior especially is studying high-risk behavior. Traditional sexual morality has many different meanings these days. In today's society, so much more is accepted, or should I say done even if some still disagree or more than probably 15-20 years ago. It seems to me that many people get involved in sexual relationships even before they feel that they are in "love" with their partner and therefore don't even know if their affection goes beyond he feeling of lust over love. As college students, we are able to see what happens all around us, if you care to pay attention, and sometimes see things that we don't care to see.
             Human sexuality is closely related to reproductive behavior in terms of propagation and the survival of the species as well their neural and physiological mechanisms.

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