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Internet Revolution and Data Piracy

             The Internet revolution has the potential to transform every aspect of life of an individual. Not only is enormous wealth being created by innovative Internet start?ups, but also the productivity of "bricks and mortar" enterprises and institutions is being significantly enhanced.
             Development activities are being carried out in various countries, in terms of privatisation of industry, liberalization of trade, global investments in communications infrastructures and in terms of the new media of rapid transfer of technology via digital communication. .
             Te Internet has a significant role to play in areas of information transfer from one place to other in a matter of seconds. IT has changed the way the world communicates. .
             Who would enjoy writing a letter, putting it in an envelope, then paste it, stick a stamp, and walk to the nearest post box to drop it? With the Internet PC in your homes, and with the advent of email, the time of actually sending a message across continents has drastically reduced.
             Online Facilities:.
             With the Internet connections entering Indian households, many things are available to consumers at a single click of a mouse. While some companies have introduced the concept of online shopping networks, others boast of essential services like online LPG cylinder bookings, payment of electricity and telephone bills, and airplane and railway reservations. .
             Information Source:.
             The Internet is a vast source of information with billions of web pages available providing a wide range of information for different people. Internet surfing is rapidly replacing libraries as people find it a lot easier than searching for books. In addition to these various other forms of information such as the latest news around the globe, stock quotes, updated scores of various sports going on.
             Online Transactions: .
             Many companies offer online shopping in addition to their traditional sales outlets.

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