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Robinson Crusoe sin and peace

            How does Robinson Crusoe show that sin has its penalty but peace can be found through.
             The story of the Prodigal Son in the New Testament shows how a young man receives a.
             portion of goods and leaves his family and wastes his substance with riotous living. He wanted a.
             so-called freedom that he gains by going against his father's wishes. God punishes the son for his.
             disobedience but later finds the peace he desires by gaining the forgiveness of his father. This is a story that shows how one will be punished for sinning, but will be forgiven if one truly asks for forgiveness. Similarly, Robinson Crusoe resembles a type of prodigal son that shows this idea ofsin having its penalty while one can gain or regain peace by forgiveness and belief.
             Robinson Crusoe goes against his father's wishes in order to gain his own so-called.
             freedom. He went against his father and succumbs to temptation and in turn was punished for his.
             disobedience. We find as the story goes on that Crusoe believes his major sin is his rebellious.
             behavior toward his father. However, before he realizes his sin he has to become involved in a.
             series of disasters in order for him to realize his wrong doings. Thus, this results in, a series of disasters occurring while he is a sailor as punishment for his rebellious nature. He promises God,or as Crusoe calls Him Providence, that he will change and settles in Brazil for a time, but the temptation to be a sailor is too strong, and once again he provokes Providence by becoming a slave trader. As punishment, his ship is wrecked in a storm, and he alone escapes to an uninhabited island. He loses all that he had and is stranded on this island for twenty-eight years. His punishment leaves him alone and helpless, forcing Crusoe to rely solely on Providence for help. He is condemned for his rebelliousness and greed and then forced to live a type of solitary.
             confinement until God has felt he has lamented enough to deserve a human companion.

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