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The Death in Marriage

             In Susan Glaspells" play Trifles although we never actually see Mrs. Wright we learn a lot about her self character. The play has a very underlying subplot of Mrs. Wrights" character change after marriage. We see how she acts and feels once life has stolen her true inhibitions from her. In essence we see how marriage has killed her. .
             Mrs. Wrights" physical character before marriage was one of stature and was full of spirit. She was very nicely dressed and regularly attended church on Sunday. She is being described as an innocent school girl as Mrs. Hale states "she wore a white dress with blue ribbons and stood up there in the choir and sang."(134) Mrs. Hale also compares her to a bird "real sweet and pretty, but kind of timid and-fluttery" (107), also the ideal picture of a school girl. After marriage Mrs. Wright no longer keeps up on her appearance as Mrs. Hale points out "and then you don't enjoy things when you feel shabby" (56). When one feels shabby their physical appearance reflects it. Someone's mood if down will reflect the worst picture of themselves. .
             Mrs. Wright had many social habits before marriage; she used to sing in the choir as Mrs. Hale points out in "one of the town girls singing in the choir" (56). She loved to sing and was also very good at it. She was very social as one of the aspects of singing requires one to be social. She had friends and joined in social functions. After marriage she stopped singing. Mrs. Hale states that her husband "killed that, too" (124). She was lonely and uninterested in life because she did not have any kids and her husband was not a very talkative man as Mr. Hale points out "I spoke to Wright about it once before and he put me off, saying folks talked too much anyway, and all he asked was peace and quiet" (9). Mr. Hale was trying to get him to go in with him on a party phone. Another one of Mrs. Wrights" habits she used to occupy her time was quilting.

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