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Bittersweet Symphony Analyzed

             Life is like a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs, moments of fear, and rushes of total excitement and exhilaration. Bittersweet Symphony embodies this concept with lyrics that personify not only life's triumphs and pain, but also an individual's ability to overcome both. Richard Ashcroft reflects the futility of birth to death, while at the same time, repeats the concept of possible change. .
             My own personal feeling is that Ashcroft was accrediting the obstacles and hard decisions he may have made in his own life to the better person that he feels he has become. No ones life is without struggle or heartache, and everyday people are faced with circumstances that seem to have unbeatable odds. But on the other hand, there is an irony of how many times people are able to turn their entire lives around.
             Prejudicial stereotypes are unfortunately a common occurrence in this day and age. Everyday, people are classified into a certain mold one which may or may not be an accurate representation of their true character. Whether we accept our molds or struggle to break free of them is purely free will. In the chorus, Ashcroft states that he is a million different people from one day to the next. We all have the ability to change and we should look for that ability in others instead of making hasty generalizations about another person's character. The lyrics of Bittersweet Symphony seem to challenge the listener to embrace a more dangerous and more free state of mind. We can all be placed into molds, and expected to stay there.
             Ashcroft sings about places where all the veins meet. Scientifically, this would refer to the heart. People everywhere are seeking a connection. Whether it be a human relationship, or a spiritual one. Ashcroft asks, "Have you ever been down?" I think that Ashcroft is seeking that connection, and I think that many people can relate with that desire. .
             Change is something we all need.

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