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             Grendels mother was sitting on Beowolf. She had him pinned and there was no hope. Just then, he pulled up all his strength together and jumped out of Gredels mothers" grip. Beowolf reached over and grabbed a sword on the wall made with magic from the giants. He pulled it off the wall and decapitated Grendels mother with it. He defeated her by giving it everything he had even when there was no hope. Beowolf is with out a doubt a hero.
             Beowolf is a great example of a hero because he is brave. Beowolf is extremely brave when he goes to fight Grendel up against all odds. He had everything to lose but he still found the strength and courage in him to go fight Grendel, his mother and the dragon. He was faced with many challenges that most people couldn't even handle and he went through them always being optimistic and looking at the bright side of things. Beowolf is also showing bravery when a monster pulled him under is the deep, dark sea, but he still kept going and fighting. He always tried his hardest and did nothing but his best for the people. It is good to be brave so when the challenges like some of Beowolfs" come upon you- you won't be afraid and find inner strength to go up against them. Beowolf had many attributes and characteristics but that to me was his strongest.
             Another characteristic that makes Beowolf a hero is his determination. He shows determination when he was losing to the dragon and he was so determined and still kept fighting. Most people would have given up by then but Beowolf pulled everything together and kept going. He didn't give up no matter what it took to kill the dragon. Beowolf had so much determination, he went after and killed Grendel. He never let anyone down including himself not matter what the odds were. His determination drove him to go for his goals and nothing less. Beowolf was truly heroic and he showed it in many ways.
             Heroism can be shown with many different attributes.

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