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Allegory of the Cave, Truth and Light

             Allegories are small stories that deal with big ideas and hopefully help people reach the state of being enlightened. In Allegory of the Cave, by Plato, a person was enlightened. Enlightened is when you have learned or found something new that amazes you or leaves you in horror. You may believe it to be true or not but you do not go on living the same as before. You are forced to see the real world and be enlightened by everything there is. .
             In Allegory of the Cave, there are many people living in the cave. Their hands and feet chained together restrict their movement; they cannot even move their heads. There is a fire burning behind them, which makes shadows on the wall in front of them. There is a walkway between the fire and them, on which guards walk to the exit and make shadows on the wall with objects for the prisoners to see. They have been like this since they were born; they do not know there is another world out there. They believe that is what life is about. The lesson in the Allegory of the Cave was you have to be enlightened to understand new concepts. You may not like what you are going to find out but it is for your own good and well-being. You can chose to believe what you have learned or be ignorant and try to forget it, which you never will. It is hard to live in a dream world when you know the truth. .
             When I was younger, I was living in my own dream world. Can you blame me? I was so perfect; well at least that is what I thought. Boy was I wrong about that. My first year in high school I tried out for the school soccer team. I made the team with ease. However, I did not start. That really made me mad her I was a perfect player, I should be starting and not riding the bench. I thought about what I was doing wrong and it took me a little over a week to figure it out. I thought that since I was so perfect I could take the ball and score all by myself. The coach, on the other hand, wanted me to pass more and utilize my teammates.

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