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Why Did Roman Empire Collapse?

             Why did the Roman Empire collapse? Was it because weight? Some historians say that the political party had some problems there for it collapsed. Others say that that Rome's allies were responsible for the fall. This would mark the change from the medieval period to the modern period. At first this was not a big deal but when the Italians became interested in it ended up a great thing in the world. The Roman Empire was a great change in the world. People want to know why it fell. Some blame the attacks on neighboring barbarians. One historian says that Christianity may have had an effect on the Roman Empire to fall.
             Averil Cameron says that money played a factor some jobs paid more and were more desirable. There was no organization to the process and no police to control others. There was nothing to control money they had no banks. The economy base was in agriculture. The state felt like no matter what happened they had to back their army. They people did not have to pay many taxes and the economy started to fall. The system became out of control. All of the people's money went to the churches for new buildings and worshiping. The government became weaker and the rich people did not help. There was trade going on but the Roan Empire was seen as having a state crisis. People were in poverty and lack of freedom contributed to the falling. She says that this is what evidence proves happened.
             Derek Williams says that if you did not have a good military than others would over take you. He to says that they needed order. There was lack of support in the Empire. Their army was weak and did not defend well. The Empire would weaken. Then there became a lot of attacks from others and this did not help the situation in the Empire. The army forts and artillery were out dated and need to be replaced. Barbarians than took over because Rome had no money there for the barbarians won the Empire feel.

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