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Bob Marley

             Most people don"t even know his real name or even who he really was and what he did; all he was known for was a reggae singer. His earlier life was important, he was the father of reggae music and he used the music as an instrument to share his thoughts, and he has strong influence in my life.
             Bob Marley was born in February, 1945 under the name of Robert Nesta Marley, in Rhoden hall, Jamaica, but he grew up in the capital "Kingston" because his parents moved there when he still was little. Bob looked like a typical Jamaican, he was black, slim, and long dread locks; he was the husband of Rita Marley and father of Ziggy Marley (Both of them are actual Reggae singers).
             Bob did many important things when he was alive, he used to use the music as an instrument to share his thoughts with the people. He started singing when he was really young with a reggae group named "The Wailers". With The Wailers Bob recorded his first album named "Judge Now", the album was so popular and famous among the people in Jamaica that he became a well known reggae singer instantly. After a while he was known all over the world, he was the Father of Reggae Music to them. What made him special and different from other reggae singers were his lyrics and his energetic personality. His lyrics were from his own personal experience, he fought for human rights including racism and the sufferings of his people. .
             The reason why I admire Bob Marley is because he's the best song writer that ever existed. He was an extraordinary human being because of his kindness towards people. Bob Marley inspired a lot of people including me because of his outgoing spirit and genuine personality. His music is relaxing and his lyrics are meaningful. .
             In conclusion, Bob Marley was probably the greatest reggae singer that ever existed. Now that you had a chance to learn about his life, I want you to think differently about his music every time you listen to his music.

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