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The Bible Code- A Book Critique

             Imagine everything that has ever happened, from the time Moses received the Ten Commandments, to the end of time as we don't yet know it, was written down in vivid detail over 3,000 years ago. Imagine that this writing of extraordinary prediction isn't locked away in some highly classified government facility, but rather hidden within the text of the best-selling book of all time. Imagine that the history of man and the path of his future has been laying on coffee tables and hotel nightstands for countless generations; that a text within a text was implanted into the Holy Bible by a force far more intelligent than mankind has ever known. This text, sealed from mortal view, has been waiting patiently for thousands of years. And now, with the invention of computers and group theory, the secret prophesies of perhaps God Himself, have been unlocked.
             Although this may seem a bit far stretched even for Star Trek junkies and religious zealots, it is exactly what Michael Drosnin wants you to believe in his 1997 release, The Bible Code. Making its mark as the #1 best seller in seven countries, The Bible Code is an account of Mr. Drosnins" five-year investigation into the world of Equidistant Letter Sequences (ELS) and the significance of their occurrence throughout the Torah. Through discussions with various mathematicians, believers and skeptics, along with his own research into ELS, Mr. Drosnin outlines for the reader the foundations of the "hidden" code and offers up proof of its existence combined with statistical evidence that the code is far too complex to be coincidental or an elaborate hoax.
             Dating back to Isaac Newton, Drosnin informs readers that throughout history there have been those who have believed in and searched for a hidden code within the Bible, and only now that supercomputing is available and group theory has been discovered, can the code be cracked and the information within be revealed.

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