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External Factors Effecting Procter and Gamble Inc.

            Procter and Gamble Incorporated have experienced hardships for many years. From lawsuits to complaints about employee morale and discrimination, P&G has seen it all. The past four years have seemed profitable for the marketing and distributing mogul, but the company has endured many pitfalls during that time as well.
             Procter and Gamble has dealt with lawsuits from companies that manufacture their products such as Rely and Vicks to major multi level marketing companies such as Amway Inc. To get back at these so called "road blocks" P&G has returned the favor by spying on other companies in the hopes to shut them down and gain the patent to their product.
             Being on the production side of this company as well proves to be hazardous to your health as told from eyes of a CBS news correspondent. From such things as unsanitary working places and the closest thing to slave labor, P&G has spared no expense to keep their operating budgets low. But shockingly enough, P&G keeps their secrets hidden under a small and friendly image offering you all the products you use in your everyday life.
             External Factors Effecting.
             Procter and Gamble Incorporated.
             Introduction and Company Overview.
             The purpose of this paper is to explain three main factors that have plagued Procter and Gamble since their very beginnings. This report was authorized by Kostas Voutsas on May 21st, 2003. Most of the research that went into the creation of this report was conducted at Bruce T. Halle library in Ypsilanti, MI. The authoritative sources of information that were used (but were not limited to): Business Week , The Wall Street Journal and Computerworld as well as numerous internet sources. The three main factors that I chose to focus on are:.
             • Employee Morale.
             • Lawsuits.
             • Other Competitors.
             Procter and Gamble is the #1 US maker of household products, with brands in five main categories: baby, feminine, and family care; fabric and home care; beauty care; heath care; and food and beverage.

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