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Westside Story - Prejudice

            Every person no matter their ethnicity, age, or gender has a type of prejudice against something or someone. The movie, Westside Story, is a drama/musical, which takes place in a city of New York, probably in the early 50's late 40's that shows the hate of two rival gangs, which despises the other in a vicious circle of prejudice. Prejudice does not only cause discrimination, but also makes hatred and war between two groups. It may also show many other forms of prejudice like unfairness because gender. Some different ways of prejudice in the movie is between the Jets gang, the whites, and the Sharks gang, the Puerto Ricans, neither gangs want females involved in their gang activity, and Officer Krupky himself demonstrating prejudice in some approaches.
             The major prejudice in the movie is between the Jets gang, the whites, and the Sharks gang, the Puerto Ricans. All this prejudice is caused by the Sharks coming to America and not sticking to their turf. As soon as they come, they think of their selves as the leaders and pass the line to the Jets turf trying to kick the Jets out of the neighborhood. This is causing the Jets to have prejudice toward the Sharks. The message of this might be to accept immigrants, and treat them as your own.
             Neither gangs want females involved in their gang activity. Being that some of the members of the gangs have girlfriends, every time they want to talk or rumble, they tell their girlfriends to get away and out of the picture. The gangs believe that girls are a menace to gangs and keep them away at all times. The Jets accept the one small girl after she acts like a man and tries to help after the rumble. The reputation of the gangs shows prejudice by not having any females in the picture.
             Officer Krupky himself demonstrates prejudice in some approaches. He applies discrimination toward the Puerto Ricans by calling them "Spiks" throughout the movie. Since he is a white man himself, he makes it noticeable that everything other than white is trash.

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