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Daniel Shays Rebellion

             What were the issues that led to Shays" Rebellion? Could the Rebellion have been dealt with differently by authorities? If so how? Why did the Rebellion frighten the people outside of Massachusetts?.
             Daniel Shays was a respected Revolutionary War soldier as well as a farmer. Daniel Shays strongly disagreed with the government after the war. As a strong member of his community Daniel decided to fight for what was right. In 1787 Daniel Shays led troops on a surprise attack on the government. .
             There are many actions taking by government that brought on Shays" Rebellion. What the government did affected a lot of people and it left them to fight along with Daniel Shays. After the Revolutionary War the United States still had not formed formal government organizations. The constitutional congress had not even come together yet which left the people of the U.S in a confused maelstrom. The legislature in the home state of Daniel Shays (Massachusetts) denied farmers paper money that would help them prevent from foreclosing their farms. In other words, there was a lack of a stable currency. Most of the farmer community including Daniel Shays lost their land. The Massachusetts legislature also place unfair taxes on property and polling taxes which prevented to lower class people from voting. Unfair actions were taken by the Common Pleas, and the high costs of lawsuits were unbearable for people to handle. Daniel Shays and the people of the community were fed up with the intolerable actions that were brought upon them, to they had to fight.
             When Daniel Shays and his troops attacked they were captured and then sentenced to death on the crime of treason. Years later Daniel Shays and his followers were all pardoned. Daniel along with other men fought for their country during the war and come home to peace only to find they will lose everything.

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