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Christianity in Beowulf

             Written in the Anglo-Saxon period during the mere beginnings of Christianity, as with any literary work Beowulf, a product of its time and place. Placed in an Anglo-Saxon culture and set in a Nordic area, Beowulf contains a plethora of mixed Christian and Pagan morality. In many instances glory, honor and riches of this world are said to come to those who are worthy of God, yet all strength honor and virtue are of those on this planet. The Christian belief places obvious validity and importance on things not of this world, but rather the life you live after death. Contrasting to Christianity the Pagan ideals and morals of the Anglo-Saxon culture place obvious validity and importance on things of our world. The very way the Nordic people buried their dead we see contrasting ideals with the Christian belief. Viking or Nordic warriors were put into large boats with all of their prized possessions, then set aflame and sent out to sea. " they then laid down the beloved prince, the giver of rings and treasure, in the bosom of the boat, the mighty by the mast; many riches were there, from far-off lands ornate armour and baubles were brought; I have not heard of a comelier keel adorned with weapons of battle and war-dress, many treasures, which with him must, in the power of the waves, drift far off; - (BEOWULF L 34-42). Christianity places little importance on the material things of this world, yet we see related morals of a society with mixed values including Pagan and Christian beliefs.
             Obviously the Nordic peoples of the Anglo-Saxon society place a great deal of importance on God. Constantly, throughout Beowulf, there is much emphasis placed on thanking God for safety or giving glory to the Lord. " they thanked God that for them the wave-paths had been smooth." (BEOWULF 227-228). This quote shows Beowulf thanking God for a safe journey across the sea to Geatland.

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