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Freedom Through Responsibilty

            Nothing is more pure and harmonic than free will bestowed from true freedom. In the idealist's world such liberty easily exists. However, in real society, for freedom to prevail we must be held accountable for our actions. In the real world, people often disregard their responsibilities and destroy the essential fabric that freedom demands for its existence. With these ideals in mind, the founding fathers of our country created a vast, complex, and ever-changing constitution that protects, insures and promotes freedom through responsibility. This outline also gives its people the opportunity to achieve and pursue within their own lives. .
             As beautiful as it sounds, pursuing your our own lives can, many times, lead to problems. These problems arise when people disregard the outcomes of their actions. A nation's freedom cannot exist in such an atmosphere. It's demands an acceptance to the lives of others. It is the charming dream within the idealists' mind, but in a world infested with freedom halters such as racial prejudice and hate, we must rely on accountability. .
             Those attacks on individual diversity have plagued the world since man's early days. Consider the life of Martin Luther King Jr. A man who painted a dream so bright and beautiful for humanity was cowardly struck down, ironically, by the ideals he taught against; hate and ignorance. Those indulged in hate have been so their entire lives due to their ignorance. Ignorance to accept and seek contentment with others results in their cruel decisions. Justice, freedom's avenger, is brought to these criminals by our constitutional laws and promotes freedom in its verdict. When justice is achieved, and the wrong are held liable for their actions, equality is present; advocating freedom. .
             Equality is a crucial element in freedom's survival. Equality inhabits those who do the best with what they can. Our founding fathers made the mistake of exploiting the cliché, "All men are created equal-.

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