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Post Trauma Brings Up the Destruction of the Human Mind

             Japanese occupation was the historical event that had the greatest impact on my grandfather because his experiences there gave him Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (i.e. beaten by Japanese Soldiers, and the disappearance of his friend). He changed his personal philosophy after the Japanese Occupation. As a result, Japanese occupation gave both physical and psychological effects on my grandfather's life and his post trauma bought up the destruction of his mind.
             Taiwan was occupied by Japanese for 50 years from 1895-1945. Taiwanese were suffered during the occupation. Taiwan had no right to set the rules and laws. Culture and education policies were dealt by Japanese. In order to destroy Chinese cultural inheritance in Taiwan, the Japanese introduced Japanese-style schools. In the schools, children were taught with Japanese Language, culture and traditions. Speaking Chinese was illegal during this time period. For agriculture, farmers had to contribute a certain amount of crops to the Japanese government in every season. Anyone who didn't contribute enough crops to the government would subject to a punishment.
             My grandfather was born in 1920 - the year which was still under Japanese occupation. He had some painful experiences during his young life. When he was 18 years old, once he didn't provide enough rice to the government because he wanted to save rice for his family. Japanese soldiers found out the truth and lashed him from his back in front of public. Since that day my grandfather had nightmares almost every night for several months. And now his back still hurts. Another one was his friend's disappearance in one night. During Japanese occupation, there are many Japanese laboratories in Taiwan because Japanese used Taiwan as a base to develop bio-technology and medicine. Some of the experiments needed real human beings for the processing. Thus, many Taiwanese were caught for the human experiments and died for that.

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