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Dont Kill the Messenger

            Many of us were affected by the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. We were sad, angered, confused and shaken. The showing of patriotism by Americans that followed was amazing. America came together as one. It seemed as though everyone had the American Flag flying and there were no negative words to be heard about our great country. Patriotism is a feeling of pride and devotion that people have for their country. People express their patriotism in different ways. Many have criticized Americans for their lack of patriotism before September 11th. Some are also complaining about the dwindling of American flags that you see as the terror attacks move further into history. However, you don't have to have American flags flying from your car, hanging in front of your home or tattooed on your body to be a patriot. "Where were they before?," some asked, as they questioned the patriotism of their fellow Americans. Many people were upset when they saw so many Stars and Stripes flying after September 11th. America needed a boost of confidence. Showing the stars and stripes helped motivate everyone. Why would people be upset about others showing renewed pride for their country?.
             Before September 11th people were complacent, but they loved their country. Some flew flags on Memorial Day. Some expressed their patriotism by joining the armed forces. Then there are others that just sat and enjoyed the fireworks on the 4th of July, not having lifted a finger to show their patriotism. None of these people is more of a patriot than the other. They just express themselves differently. I love my wife, Noelle. My neighbor Eric loves his wife Jeri-Lyn as well. I get flowers for Noelle at least once a week. Eric gets Jeri-Lyn flowers once a year on their anniversary. Just because Eric doesn't show his love as much does not mean he loves his wife any less than I love Noelle. Action is not indicative of true depth of feeling.

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