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The Lesson

             Did Miss Moore teach Sylvia a lesson of how things are not always fair and that there is more to life than what Sylvia lives in? Miss Moore tries to teach Sylivia but in return Sylvia resents her and deliberately tries not to learn. Sylvia does not want "to give her that satisfaction (Bambara)." Sylvia always considered herself and her cousin as "the only ones just right (Bambara)" in the neighborhood, and when an educated woman, Miss Moore, moves into the neighborhood, Sylvia feels threatened. The visit to the toy store opens Sylvia's eyes to another part of society that she did not know existed. She believed her area of town to be perfectly comfortable and hated when Miss Moore called it a slum. She became aware by the visit to the store that people have much more money than her and this made her feel inferior. .
             I think that Sylvia completely understands Miss Moore's lesson, but is having a hard time dealing with her feelings. This is noticeable when Sylvia says she has to "think this day through (Bambara)." Although Sylvia realizes Miss Moore's lesson, I believe that her quick judgment, stubbornness, and anger shown throughout the story will hold her back from using Miss Moore's lesson to her advantage. Then again, her anger may provoke her to want to overcome her setbacks. However, I think Sylvia's negative attitude outweighs her chance for success.

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